Research area

Aerospace Structures

Theoretical, numerical, experimental and computational research is conducted in the following broad areas of aerospace structures,

  1. Finite Element and other Numerical Methods

  2. Composite Structures

  3. Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics

  4. Contact Mechanics

  5. Vibrations and Impact Mechanics

  6. Multifunctional Materials

  7. Multi-scale Modelling

Facilities in the Structures Lab

  • Moire (interferometry, holography) image processing facility
  • 10 T Fatigue testing machine
  • 5 Ton UTM

Facilities in the Composite Technology Centre

  • Material testing laboratory
  • UTM-40 Uniaxial
  • Biaxial test
  • Dart Test
  • High velocity impact test
  • Compression moulding methods
  • Filament winding machine
  • Hand lay-up technique
  • Hot owen and furnace
  • Drop hammer test
  • Centrifugal methods
  • Izod impact test