Research area

Aerospace Propulsion

Fundamental and applied theoretical, numerical and experimental research in the field of propulsion ranging from fuel mixture, combustion to development of engines and motors are conducted here at IIT-Madras. Studies are conducted in these broad areas,

  1. Rocket Propulsion and Solid Propellant Combustion

  2. Airbreathing Propulsion and Combustion

  3. Multiphase Flow Simulation

  4. Combustion Instability

  5. Optical Flow/Combustion Diagnostics

  6. Cascade flows, High fidelity CFD in Turbomachines

Test Facilities

  • Window bomb

    • A cylindrical combustion chamber

    • Ability to handle elevated pressure upto 150 bar

    • Facility to visualize and record propellant combustion with external illumination

  • Erosive burning facility

    • Capability of burning solid propellant under high mach number(including supersonic) cross flow conditions

    • Detection of burning rate changes under different cross-flow conditions, using high speed photography

  • Static solid rocket motor test facility

    • Capability of burning 80 gm of solid propellant within one second

    • Provision to test nozzleless solid rocket motor configuration, solid fuel ramjets and hybrid rocket motors

  • Gelled liquid propellant rocket motor static test facility

    • To study the injection characteristics and atomization of impinging jets involving gelled propellants

    • It is the benchmark for developing rocket motor thrust chambers

  • Diagnostic techniques: Thrust calculation for supersonic combustor by load cells

  • Thermal measurements: Thin film gauges for heat transfer studies