The Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IITM) is seeking to fill Assistant Professor openings in the following research areas.

  1. Airplane Design
  2. Airplane Aerodynamics (experimental background preferred)
  3. Structural Dynamics
  4. Advanced Manufacturing of Aerospace Structures
  5. Experimental Structural Mechanics

As part of a clear long-term vision for the department, only candidates who have made significant contributions to any of the above areas and have the potential to become corresponding subject experts will be considered. Further, within the above areas, selection of candidates will be dictated by current urgent needs of the department; also due care will be taken to complement the available faculty expertise both in terms of research areas and theoretical versus experimental activity.

Applicants must hold an earned Ph.D. at the time of appointment with at least one degree (Bachelor’s or Master’s or Ph.D) in Aeronautical/ Aerospace engineering or a Ph.D relevant to aerospace engineering. They should have a strong commitment to actively contribute to undergraduate and graduate education. Applications from foreign nationals will be considered for a visiting position that can be converted into a renewable five-year contract. Short term assignments (one or two semesters) are possible for senior faculty interested in availing sabbatical leave from their parent institutions.

Further queries may be addressed to the Head of the Dept.

Head of the Department,

Department of Aerospace Engineering,

Indian Institute of Technology Madras,

Chennai 600036, INDIA.


Fax: 91-44-2257-4002